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Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
You can just directly insert a map with advance map 1.90. I'm not sure if the download is available anymore, but it supports this kinda work without the hex editing. Only drawback is that the multi-tile select mapping crashes your ROM with 1.90. As such, I use 1.90 for inserting maps and a newer version for actual mapping :)

I just thought I'd share that, but if you're forgetful and accidentally map on 1.90 then you're gonna have a bad time (most of the time). In which case, this tutorial is the way you should probs do it :)
I might be wrong, excuse me if I do, but a-map 1.92 does the exact same thing you mentioned there.

I remember searching in a-map 1.95 for this feature, but wasn't able to find it.
But I certainly remember one a-map doing this, and since i never used 1.90 it just has to be 1.92.

Anyways since I never really used this thing,Idk about any errors that can occur while doing it by just loading.
So it might be hte best way to import it this way.

Nice tut tajaros:)
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