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Kiki and Jen

"Yes... Yes are are different from me. Totally different. I set out with a clear goal in mind. To become the world's strongest Dark Type Trainer, and I'm still going. What do you punks have, hmm? You twits have no real idea what you want to do, or else why would you have come here?If you had a goal, a dream, then why would you waste time in this dump?" Jen said scathingly to Andy. She took out a pokeball and looked at it with a smirk.

"Not true! My goal is to learn more about pokemon!" Kiki cried earnestly. Jen smirked at her.

"Oh really? You can learn more about pokemon watching them in th wild than you can in a safe environment like this, moron. Honestly you stupid girl, have you no sense at all?" she said, pausing. "And as gfor WHY I am being so... Aggressive, as you put it, the answer is simple. I enjoy it. I enjoy challenging trainers. It pleases me to crush worthless foold, and it pleases me even more when those worthless fools come out of their little safety zone and push themselves and their pokemon. If you aren't the best you can be then don't even bother. And I ask you both this. With the pokemon I have with me, I have defeated the eight gyms of Kanto. Would you dare to challenge me? Or will you, as I expect, continue to be weak?" Jen challenged, crossing her arms. "If you say yes I will even restore both of your pokemon to full strength with my Full Restores."


Drake nods slowly. That... Was a little more clear cut. But still, what could he possibly tell her?

"Hm... Sounds like quite the predicament... The only advice I can really offer is to follow your heart, but handle this situation with care. These matters can cause a lot of hard feelings... If you choose to wait for the other person, make sure that Mark knows that he has done nothing wrong. That it's not that you don't like him. Make sure he understands that you would like to continue to be friends. You do still want to be friends, right?" Drake said, keeping an eye on Killik and Kiyoko as well. Something was up. He had no idea what though.
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