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Welp, double post. I need advice though, so screw that.

Okay, so this Saturday, my school will be hosting SING!, which is basically a battle between the grades by means of a musical. Super exited for that, I went last year and it was narly, though my year's performance last year wasn't so great. Anyway, I'm going again this year, but I have a slight problem about afterwards.

You see, after the show's over, a couple of kids in my school are going to hosting an afterparty. I really want to go, but there are a couple of issues. For one thing, the show ends circa 9 to 10 PM, and the party starts at 11 PM, an hour before midnight. So already, there's a problem, it's super late. My mother would probably freak if I came home at 2 or 3 (assuming she's not asleep), but they're aware that a party's being held. I didn't say where, or what's gonna be at the party, but they are aware of it. That brings me to my second point.

There's gonna be booze at the party, and people who know me know I've been meaning to try some out. I've never had it before, and that's another problem. I'm worried if I do drink, I'll get drunk. I keep telling myself that I'll try one shot, but I dunno where that'll leave someone like me, whose never had alcohol before. And coming home drunk is NOT an option. Booze is against my religion, so I'm already in 50 levels of chaos as it is. Mom and dad find out, I'm poop.

So yeah, what do I do? My friend said that I shouldn't have my first go at a wild party where people'll will be making out with the first person they see, and it sounds like sound advice. Basically my two options are go and stay sober and leave early, or do the same but drink a shot.