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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Are you saying you want mods to close their section specific ircs? I'm sorry, but I'm not closing #swablunest in favor of the main irc.
That is what I meant actually. I'm quoting someone, fairly certain it was Kura, but the subsections prevent the main IRC from getting any activity. If you still want subsections like that, I feel like's you could have the moderators of that section reserve a day on the IRC and have that day on the IRC dedicated to that subforum. For example, Razor and/or Live (or even someone they deem worthy) could host the Other Chat and Discussion day in IRC every Friday or something, and the other subforums can do just that. That being said, there should be a day once a week or at least once a month dedicated to the forum as a whole.

Also, what subfrom is #swablunest for? :3
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