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I've gotten a lot done in the last few days.

I'm almost done!

Update 4

- Beat Norman
- Sydian evolved into Altaria
- Chico evolved into Blaziken
- Deafeated Team Aqua at the Weather Institute
- Found a leaf stone and evolved Thorn into Vileplume
- Beat Brendan with Chico
- Beat Winona on the second try
- Nearly got beat twice by a trainer with a stupid Milotic
- Beat Brendan again at Lillycove City
- Got the Blue Orb from Mt Pyre
- Cleared Team Aqua Hideout
- Finally got a Super Rod in Mossdeep City and caught a Staryu, named it Polaris
- Beat Tate and Liza
- Found a Blue Shard to trade for a Water Stone and evolved Polaris into Starmie
- Finally caught a Corsola to complete my team! and named her Bubbly, then released Dill
- Got all the way through the Sootopolis cave… and then got beaten by the Team Aqua leader after forgetting to save *grumble*
- Beat him on the second try, after getting a little better organized
- Defeated Kyogre (barely)
- Defeated Wallace


Chico, the Present

Level 46
Modest male Blaziken
Strength | Brick Break | Blaze Kick | Rock Tomb

Sydian, the Valentine

Level 38
Sassy female Altaria
Holding Amulet Coin
Fly | Steal Wing | Rock Smash | Mist

Mona, the Attraction

Level 42
Modest female Beautifly
Silver Wind | Flash | Attract | Giga Drain

Polaris, the Duo

Level 34
Impish Starmie
Swift | Dive | Recover | Waterfall

Bubbly, the Pink

Level 36
Sassy female Corsola
Refresh | Water Pulse | Surf | Earthquake

Thorn, the Flower

Level 32
Relaxed male Vileplume
Petal Dance (grass) | Acid | Cut | Sleep Powder (grass)