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Kailey Marks


That blue haired girl began to laugh at my nicknames. Glad too know im not the only one who likes funny nicknames! She really, like I mean really shyly introduced herself and the other guy, aka Solo. Pffft, what a weird name.

I watched as 'Solo' put his arm infront of blue hair and just said wait. He began to say that I just watched him gettin beaten up ((Well he's not a lier)). He then started blabbing about not turning you'r back on family. I don't even know him, so how is he family?! Make some sense boy. And whats wrong with avoiding Werewolves? I never had any trouble with Werewolves, only Mages. I stared directly into Solo's eyes.

Off, he looked maaaaaad. He then said that I've gotten tamed by Humans?! Iv'e never met a human ((except that guy right there, just saying my mind is pointing to Normi)) He then said I wasn't a Lycan anymore, and that he was the last of his kind. Then walked away. I scoffed loudly, crossing my arms and shouting over loud enough for him to hear.

"Hey Potato! Stop trying to act so tough! Saying you'r the last of the Lycan's is ridicules! I mean, look at me! Not all Lycan's have to act like you to be one, I have my own attitude! And if you don't like it, stay away!" I turned to the others and crossed my arms. "I rest my case." I said, in a normal tone. Just when that happened, that mean teacher came over. With the green hair that said I gotta be 15 THAT'S RIGHT FIFTEEN minuets early for class tomorrow.

What a poobutt. He just said that some girl was spying to Normi, right after that some girl came out of a hiding place and gave a pathetic argue before leaving. Wooow. Then the nurse came and blah blah blah, mean teacher left and then he said a announcement. He said for everyone from class 3C to go to Classroom 13. Uhhh, I guess i'll go? "Well buh bye." I didn't wave bye to the two, then headed off to Classroom 13. Once I got there, only that girl from before was there and the mean teacher.

I wen't and sat down in one of the front desks, and just stared outside. Thinking of... uhhh.... i'll just think about anything.

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