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So, moving right along here, have a look at another of Naval's new species: Egby, Cockellet, Cochinken and Gallantus!


These fellas are based on the entire life cycle of a chicken, from egg to the sexually-dimorphic adult forms, with a gender-based split evo to go with it. (The two pictures of Egby are of it before and after using Shell Smash. Because it learns that at an absurdly high level.) They start out pure normal-typed and unable to fly, but gain a flying type in the final stage of evolution.

Cochinken is meant to have a stereotypical housewife/maid sort of look, with its front feathers resembling an apron and some feathers on the back resembling apron ties. It's specially-oriented in contrast to Gallantus's more physical stats, with access to Hurricane and the now-special (and signature) Egg Bomb. Gallantus is based on a cowboy (I don't remember why I thought this made sense, so don't ask), with the comb resembling a cowboy hat, and with access to with moves like Crush Claw and Brave Bird.

Part of what I wanted to do with these guys was give as much emphasis to their normal typing as to the flying, in contrast to all the birds in the canon games that are just normal as a matter of course. So not only do they learn normal-type moves suited to their concepts and designs, they're featured on the team of the region's normal-type gym leader, Blanche.

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