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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Grim Reaper is an angel that shepards the souls of the dead to where they need to be. Either above for living a virtuous life, or below for living a life full of lies and miss begotten deeds. Grim Reapers cannot kill themselves, they only follow death and collect their quotas. Reapers are Nuetral angels that assist the heavenly bodies and hellish nightmares. Dusknoir fits the role of a Reaper, at least a non-bastardized version of the reaper.
Finally one get's it right, also the only way one can die is when everyone else has died (since without life there can be no death).

No that's right, thunder is the sound, however many games tend to make thunder a electrical attack rather than a sound attack, proably because they mean to say thunder bolt but are too lazy (in Pokemon's case there's already a thunderbolt...) People in real life do the same mistake, it always annoyed me to be honest.

How about a pokemon based on the superfluid state of matter (we got Plasma in Rotom, and in Zekrom and Reshiram)? It can be a sea slug pokemon, hopefully one better than Shellos and evolution.
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