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I use...

Internet Explorer 10 on my laptop. Funny how I keep going back to it even when I use something else for a while. It's like... I know it very well, and I know my way around almost everything with it. It's been the same since version 9. I already know its quirks (and there ain't much), and I do appreciate that the browser will run well, even on systems with very weak CPUs (due to its reliance on the GPU), under almost every circumstance.

As for the search engine, I'm very used to using Bing, after a long time of using Google. I think I'm OK with that.
Hey, it's Twiggy here. Or Twiggy, if you prefer. I like Servine and Noivern a lot. I'm paired with Kip. I like Katy Perry. I want a Chespin plushie. Also, I'm a total PC geek.
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