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Originally Posted by LMFAO. Word up. View Post
Even though it seems sexist wouldn't making roller skates female exclusive and making a skateboard male exclusive give the game slightly more flavour? the fact that depending on which protagonist you pick male or female you get a different transport method which in my opinion would be a fair thing and would look alot better.
At first glance I didn't agree with rollerskates and skateboards being gender-exclusive, but it actually does seem like a nice idea. Cars seem very gimmicky and not exactly in the spirit of Pokemon adventures, something I consider as a rugged journey. I could possibly see a train station in the town that's at the center of the region that takes you to any place in the region at a fee. I think I would only like this if the fee was fairly high so it can't be abused ( I hate fast traveling features in games).

Hopefully if they have roller skates and skateboards they will have a good animation/sprite because it seems like you might not be able to see them most of the time and they would really have as fun as a animation as the bike did. There is certainly the possibility that they will just continue the running shoes/bike tradition.
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