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Originally Posted by Ycia View Post
The gameplay would be like Tara's Adventure then? Throwing beef jerky to monsters during battle, after beating them, there will be a chance that the defeated monster will join you?

Hmm.. About the fortresses thingamabob, it's very similar how the Pokemon gyms functions isn't?
Why not,
a different plot? scrap the battling 8 cities, 4 kings/elite knights. An adventure different from the pokemon's.. Defeating a Dragonite and saving *Princess Peach* on a tower perhaps?

As for "medieval period" try googling Lucario.
The gameplay will be like every other. I only use scrolls instead of balls...
Sorry but i want to keep the tradition of pokémon I could try to do something different like that but it wouldn't be so Pokémon... (Poor Dragonite... always being the bad one )

Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
I believe the apricorn nalls have been around before therw was any electricity. I don't see how one wouldn't be throwable whereas a scroll is... anyway, it's just a detail, but imo an apricorn qould make more sense.
Try to see the Celebi The Voice of the Forest movie to see what i mean about throwable. Scrolls are like throwing f.e. a toilet roll...