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I just don't think healing powers suit the "Monk of destruction", I mean instead of healing they used that "Ransotengai" puppet no jutsu thing. Also Ishida is supposed to be smart, you think he'd learn some if it was there to be learnt. Most of the healing magic in Bleach is Kido, Quincy can'y do that.

I would explain slight appearance change quite easily. Being reborn into the world isn't an exact science, she won't be in the best frame of mind when her power goes berserk, stuff changes.

Her willingness to help a person even though he is an enemy is exactly what Orihime would do, though.

The not being a Quincy thing is the biggest hole in the theory but it's still not impossible. Quincy are just spiritually aware humans, Orihime is a spiritually aware human. When Ishida lost his powers all he had to do to get them back was run around and get shot by an arrow, if she really wanted I'm sure Orihime could run around and get shot by an arrow.

So yes. Orihime will lose it, her power will go berserk, she'll wake up as a child with healing powers in the human world, she'll be brought up as a Quincy, she'll meet a dying Shinigami and for reasons unknown (that strangely nostalgic/attractive spirit pressure) she'll help him, one thing leads to another and 3 Children are born.

Their first born child Ichigo takes most of the spiritual powers form both of his parents. It explains why Ichigo and Isshin share the same abilities and why Masaki couldn't put up a fight against Grand Fisher. It also makes sense that he would then go on to take all of Rukia's later on. 2nd born Karin has a fair amount spiritual awareness but the the third born Yuzu has next to none.