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Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
Diamond and Pearl didn't sell some mega amount more though, it looks like they pretty much just picked back up the sales. What exactly contributed to the low sales of RSE(not a real question directed at you)? They were far from bad, something that being the best sellers on the GBA has a right to tell. Is it because of the lost connection from the first 2 gens and making you practically start over? How well do you think sales would have been if that connection was able to be put into place? If the region itself was as bad as people are kidding themselves to make it out to be, how could they make it more appealing? There are plenty of questions to think over.

To go along with , we also have people newer to the series who have never played the originals and would have a go if they were remade in this newer age, as a fresh adventure. Along with everyone wanting to revisit the region in a new light, surely this could be the opportunity to take advantage and make the most of that.

If the whole sales reason is behind why they won't remake the games(using your last statement here), then what exactly is happening in two years that will change that? Nothing. Gen III sales, being long gone, will not magically spring up to others by then enough to change there minds if that is the real reason; They'd still be risking money.
And then there are those of us who were able to borrow a sibling's copy of Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald until we found ourselves gaining access to our own Pokémon game or games, thus rendering our ability to play the former null and void. For example, my brother let me borrow Sapphire since he also had Ruby until I received FireRed (without the Wireless Adapter, unfortunately) for one of my birthdays. My sister then acquired Sapphire from this brother, preventing me from playing it again. This set circumstances happens to drive me to want RSE remakes as part of the fact that I grew up with the remade Pokémon games instead of the originals. I was able to get Diamond, though…(thoughts fast forward to what might happen to this cartridge when the Sinnoh remakes come out.)
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