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Quote originally posted by Koran:
To get a working type first, then look for a team is probably the way to go. Due to the fact people would rather see that you're willing to put out some work and not just be a "dreamer".
I've also thought the same way, as I'm more of a results-based kind of person. (Which is why for my first semester, I was reluctant to form a team immediately) But on the other hand, I managed to meet two great teammates and we had fantastic results given the allotted time.

Another consideration is possibly build a small team of 1-3 that share your vision and then recruit after the prototype is done, so that you can expand your workforce without straying from the goal.

Quote originally posted by Koran:
Also, I see you're referring to _weeks_ allot... That's kinda an understatement depending on project specifics.
Well, I'm referring to weeks primarily because with our project-based curriculum, we have to produce a "finished" game by the end of the semester. As I mentioned, this is different than the timeframe at PC, as here we have as long as interest holds on our projects.


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