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It seems that even though legendary pokemon are rare and powerful assets to one's collection, you can't really do much with them.

-They're banned pretty much everywhere.
-You can't use them on the Battle Subway
-You can't use them in Wi-Fi Battles
-You can use them to defeat NPC trainers in regular locations, but you quickly run out of those.
-And you can only use them against those who happen to be in-person AND have their own Pokemon Black or White game. How many people know those who play Pokemon on a daily/weekly basis?

I know there are certain exceptions (Legendary Birds, Cats, Golems, Eon Duo, Lake Trio, Heatran, Cresselia, Regigigas, Musketeer Trio, and Kami Trio), but other than that, you can't use the other legendaries for anything.

*Sigh*.....My issues is not that the legendary Pokemon exist, but that only time that use legendary Pokemon outside of normal gameplay is the Stadium games, and Nintendo hasn't released any of those for the fifth generation and most likely never will (thanks to Gen 6th's full 3D). No Stadium Cups, no Earl's Pokemon Academy, no Gym Leader Castle, no Pokemon Laboratory, no Mini-Games, no Rental Pokemon, no nothing.

I mean, what am I supposed to do with my Keldeo that I worked so hard to train, if there's no Stadium game to use it in. I usually reserve my maxed out legendary Pokemon and Level 5 Pokemon (for the sake of Little Cup) for the Stadium games, since they're restricted elsewhere and can't be developed any further.

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