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Sammy helped Shawn ease down onto his bed before stepping back and wiping her brow. She was getting exhausted, but she wanted to make sure Shawn was alright before she called it a night. She was all set to go running off to Oak town when it popped into her head that there was such an invention as the telephone. Why was she worried about going to find a nurse when she could call for one?

"Alright, well I'm gonna go see if I can call a nurse and save me the trouble of actually going to get one. I'll leave Corphish here with you. Corphish, don't let him fall asleep, okay?"

Corphish nodded and gave Shawn an almost sinister leer, snapping his claws shut sharply. It seemed very likely that he would start chopping parts of Shawn off before letting him go for a snooze... and with that, Sammy left them there, walking out into the hall and towards where she thought the dorms main entrance would be. Surely there'd be some sort of attendant at a desk there?

Sure enough there was a dorm supervisor, a bored looking young man who looked about ready to fall asleep at his post. He quickly woke up once Sammy explained the situation to him, and was on the phone for a nurse in seconds. He was all ready to go checking on Shawn himself, but it only took a little persuasion to convince him that waiting to guide the nurse would be for the best. She quickly hurried back to Shawn's room to make sure he was still alright. Once the nurse was here she would leave things in her hands and get to her own bed, she certainly hadn't expected such an adventure on her first night here.
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