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Quote originally posted by Bloodex:

To be totally honest, though, the alcohol isn't that big of a deal. I'll admit, this is the first party of this nature that I'm going to, and when my friends found out that I was going, they jokingly said they'd get me drunk and get a lot of girls on me. Yeah, it's one of those parties. I guess I kind of find that intimidating. I don't think my friends would actually get me drunk, but still, the entire prospect of me getting drunk is whoa.

Mostly, I'm worried about getting home late possibly drunk and either my parents being awake to find out, or me having a hangover in the morning and them possibly questioning me. :c
You will get drunk if you listen to some bad friends.
Ex: -Just take one sip! It won't hurt. Then you agree after you take a second sip then you end up being drunk. Don't come near the alcohol! If you are that worried, then drink home.
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