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Okaii, it's been a little while since I updated. I just got Black 2 so I've been busy on that rather than Platinum.

- Remembered that Bebe gives you an Eevee and went over to get it in Hearthome City.

- Bred the Eevee because I prefer starting Pokemon I raise off at Level 1.

- Egg was obtained.

- Egg hatched into Eevee. Nickname: Shadows

- Fed Shadows lots of Vitamins and such to evolve it to Umbreon in the night.

- During the grinding session, finished the final scenario with Team Galactic, getting Shadows up to speed with the rest of the team in the process.

- Headed for Sunyshore City and pwned Volkner with Shadows's Dig and Pinch's Earthquake.

- Am currently undergoing more grinding for the entire team. Plan to get them all to LVL 60-somethings soon.

Current team:

Species: Honchkrow
Type: Dark/Flying
Gender: Female
Level: 53

Species: Houndoom
Type: Dark/Fire
Gender: Male
Level: 51

Species: Drapion
Type: Poison/Dark
Gender: Female
Level: 52

Species: Weavile
Type: Dark/Ice
Gender: Female
Level: 54

Species: Umbreon
Type: Dark
Gender: Male
Level: 51