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Allister Curtis - Library/Halls

As he left the library and turned down the hall, the girl, who seemed to be quite a bit younger than himself and Yorick, had ran after him, catching up to him she asked through heavy panting
"W-What's Y-Your n-n-name?" she stuttered out, clearly this girl was not the most confident of people, this suited Allister really though, he could actually get along with these two quite easily he thought to himself appreciating how far from the schools unfortunate norm (bullying, boasting, unwarranted aggression etc...) they were.
"My name is Allister Curtis, nice to meet you" he responded to the girl who was now walking beside him through the halls, before turning to her again and asking in turn "and what is your name?" he figured he didn't need to introduce Yorick since he didn't really know him, he'd been sitting with her and quite frankly everyone in the library probably knew him after his weird, and loud, introduction. It was kind of strange walking down the halls with two companions since he hadn't met anyone he actually liked for a very long time, it was actually kind of a nice feeling and he decided that he would probably like to spend more time with these two. His good mood however, was replaced with one of pure shock when they turned the corner to the area just outside the teachers lounge, or rather what was left of it. A few teachers were still propping themselves up, many seemingly only just having regained conciousness and furniture thrown all across the slightly torn-up room.
"Well... that's not quite what I thought I was going to be seeing". The mage was unsure whether or not he should make some attempt to aid them with his magic, although admittedly healing was one of his weaker areas, or head back to class in search of Higoroshi-sensei, who for some reason, Allister was certain had some strange idea of what was going on.
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