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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
As for me crashing at someone else's house, unfortunately not. I'm not too worried about that part anymore though, I'll just leave the party early after I've had my fill. HOPEFULLY my parents will be asleep, so on the chance I do get drunk, they won't see it. Quite honestly, I'm more worried about the possibility of a hangover. I have no idea how those work, but if my friends and the movie is anything to go by, it doesn't look so pretty.

Also, how obvious is it when one's drunk? Tipsy? Buzzed?

Love you all for the help, by the way! <3
Hangover remedies, something I can actually talk about. So here's my tips of PREVENTING a hangover instead of curing it.
  1. Make sure you've eaten before you drink, as drinking on an empty stomach is not good
  2. DRINK WATER! At least a glass before you go to bed. Alcohol dehydrates you (which is the cause of a hangover), so drink water!
  3. If you are feeling more than a little drunk, stop drinking. Drinking too much isn't going to help!