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Quote originally posted by Broken_Arrow:
i used to be a very bad student...funny thing i was in a group called the school police..i get up late i suppose to be in school 8AM i go 10 AM...of course i had to hear some nice words from headmasters...but the best part was it was only girls school and i hated the guys school's visits in my school for competitions as our school were much beautiful place than theirs...well,i liked English and French classes other than that i annoy teachers till they kick me out because i felt bored staying at class to hear some Bull$h*# we never use irl i right or am i right!

i'm doing okay,JNath-Chan..thanks
I have mixed school and it's definitely not good. All the boys are begging for the girls's attention. It's pitiful. I don't like English classes 'cause i'm too advanced for them. I know pretty much all the teacher is saying. You are right!
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