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Evan Lee Gildred

“S-solo, S-sensei...” Eva muttered under his breath, desperately trying to make sense of the situation. Everything seemed to be going so well before, all things considered, yet it all turned on its head rather rapidly. He couldn’t help but be shocked and worried at his dear teacher’s appearance. The poor young man had been involved in something terribly dramatic it seemed. He quickly mumbled some instruction at them and threw a quick thanks in Eva’s direction for the apple from before. Eva was, quite frankly, surprised that he even remembered such a trivial nuance in his current condition. Before Eva could even say anything in return, Ryuu stumbled off in the direction of the infirmary.

Looking on worriedly after the man, Eva quickly remembered that Solo had left just moments earlier. Giving a quick dismissive wave, he ran to catch up with the boy, his skirt fluttering in the breeze of his swift jog. “Wait, Solo!” he shouted, his voice stressed and filled with concern about their current predicament. “I really think we should head to the classroom now,” he sputtered, his face scrunching uncomfortably with concern. Before he could add anything else, Sensei’s voice came over the intercom, the same announcement that he had given to them in person just moments earlier. With a quick bow, he looked up at Solo and stumbled through another awkward goodbye. “I’ll hopefully see you in the classroom.”

Departing again, he swiftly took off down the halls, his steps muffled by the ambient sounds of murmuring students who were obviously concerned about what was going on. At the pace he kept, it didn’t take him long to get to room 13. A bit winded, he was able to see that some other students had already arrived, one of the girls already talking to the battered teacher who was slumped behind his desk. Eva’s heart leapt for the wounded man, the worry on his face almost completely unmasked. Eva hated to see anybody in pain, especially to such a degree as Ryuu. Collecting himself for but a second, he walked up to the teacher and fellow student, his pulse racing.

“A-are y-you okay?” He mumbled almost incoherently to the two, the teacher gaining most of his attention. “I-I might have something that can help...” Slinging his bag from around his back, he searched through it desperately, pulling out objects that proved to be everything but what he was seeking. With a somewhat over excited exclamation, he finally discovered what he was looking for as he held it out towards the teacher, a bandage clasped firmly in his shaking hands. “I k-know it’s not much, b-but it’s all I have,” he said with a shaking voice. Without even waiting for the man to grasp it from his own grip, he placed it on the desk and slunk off towards an open desk in the front row, his feet tapping nervously on the ground.
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