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Quote originally posted by Trifindo:
Hello, thanks a lot for the tutorial!
I have imported a map and changed the movement permissions but the sprite doesn´t go up the stairs:

Do you know how to solve this? Thanks. ;)
I haven't tried that before, but I presume there's a byte to enable use of stairs. I'd check on other maps and see how they're done. Perhaps another map's permissions might show you how it's done.

Nice map, by the way :D
Quote originally posted by RockeTODAMoon:
Help, 9/10 textures are moving.
I've talked about it with SpikyearedPichu, but he wasn't 100% able to help me.
I am hacking Heart Gold, and I use 3DS Max 6.
What do you mean by the textures "moving"?

je suis désolé
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