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This game is really addictive. Between my two save files I have over seventy hours invested in it and I haven't even started chapter 14 on my second(Playing on Hard-Classic) because I still have to do Kjelle's paralogue along with Nah's paralogue I believe. Before I even tackle them though I want to promote Noire to a Sorcerer first because Noseratu is awesome though I might promote her early because her stats are capping already as a Dark Mage.

Before I forget I figured that I would list the classes the future children are currently in and what skills they inherited:

Brady - Paladin(Maribelle-Demoiselle, Kellam- Indoor Fighter. I figured he would make a good tank because of Kellam.)

Gerome - Wyvern Lord(Virion- Bowfaire, Cherche- Swordbreaker. I'm surprised his strength hasn't capped yet.)

Severa - Assassin(Cordelia- Galeforce, Gaius-Locktouch. I'm in love with Lethality)

Lucina - Assassin(Chrom- Aether, FeMU- Ignis. Assassins are lovely.)

Yarne - Assassin(Donnel- Aptitude, Panne-Locktouch. I would reclass him back to a Taguel but his capped stats please me.)

Owain - Dark Knight(Lissa- Tomefaire, Ricken- Rally Magic.)

Morgan - Grandmaster(FeMU- Rally Spectrum, Chrom- Rightful King)

Cynthia - Falcon Knight(Sumia- Galeforce, Henry- Tomebreaker)

Noire - Sorcerer(Tharja- Tomebreaker, Libra- Renewal. Her stats as a Dark Mage were starting to cap in magic speed and skill so I decided to promote her early.)

Laurent - Sorcerer(Miriel- Magic+2, Frederick- Luna. I didn't use these two often seeing as I didn't want to rely on Frederick.)

Once they are evenly leveled I'll see if I can take on the rest of the game with just the kids.

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