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Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
Wow, those sigs look really good, Somniac! :D I especially love the last sig: the one with the moving lights. And that rocking porcupine is adorable! May I request for one? Hehe :3
I wish I could work those images like you can. I think it's such a neat skill!
Hmm well I have four three more that I haven't stuck my name on yet, so I COULD do you one :p very limited choice though, it's;

Android lady
stylistic rain-forest
smoking gal
Coffee pouring

I'll give 2 away. first come first serve, one each. Let me know what text you want on it.

Edit: Limited time only; 1hour remaining. [After that I'm off to make breakfast / take a run / shower / go to work

edit-edit: I'm off now so I'll check back here tomorrow night. How bout if someone fancies one of those that I have listed, PM me and i'll get back to you. Again first come first serve.


I love you all. :3