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Originally Posted by darknessrules View Post
I saw a picture of dr1 in which your in a ship with kaz and Adrians dark lugia was there

can someone tell me legendaries location because it's not in walkthrough
That event has been changed to be in DR2. As for the legendaries:

Victini-In the house in Aroma Town
Landorus-In the Desert before entering Inferno Mountain
Shaymin-In the BattleGrounds, after defeating your Mom.
Mew/Deoxys/Jirachi/Celebii-In the Twilight Zone
Suicune/Raikou/Entei-On the island above Huntik Route
Tornadus/Thundurus-Chaos Path
Rayquaza-In the Spirit Tower
Groundon-In Inferno Mountain after getting Strength from Kisho to move the boulder.
Kyogre-In the cave above Trident Waters. Poseidon's Cave I believe it's called.
Reshiram/Zekrom-On Yin/Yang Island after defeating N. You can only choose 1 of the Dragon Stones.
(Do Not try to catch Giratina with the Masterball. It's meant to be the 7th gym leader's Pokemon.)
I'll post this list in the Wild Pokemon list.