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update time! my laptop's been out of commission for the last week or so thanks to a ~hilarious~ and mysterious problem with the power cable. but my dad fixed it, so I'm back :)

I've got the first big event sequence thing pretty much happening, and I've first drafted the player character's OW sprite, as well as recoloured a bunch of npc sprites, because: hello, diversity? and also I felt like having four identical non-walking sprites on one sheet was kinda wasteful.

next up for me is working on the second big event (there are three before you can start running around fighting pokemon. then one more in another town, and then the first gym! so...I'm getting there!), and drafting up some OW sprites for the other main characters/gym leaders. the larger sprites are more of a pain to work on; I have one gym leader ready to go, and most of the player character? her face is not at all working for me yet. but I will soldier on! I don't want anyone else to play this until most of the main characters have their own sprites, even if they're super WIP-y)

to finish off this post, a couple of screenshots of the new event:

also: someone remind me to make a town map one of these days! I have a concept art version of the region, but ughhh I totally cannot be bothered to turn it into pokemon style.
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