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∣ Whitney Eli

Chapter One: Part Twelve
An (Un)Safe Arrival!

"Yes-- Crap!!" It seemed Pidge had won, but this attack could take her out too! "U-uh, Pidge!! Pirouette!" What? That's not a move! Pidge spanned her wings out, and did a sudden twirl, seemingly only grazing one of the orbs with her wing. Seeing as her wings were prosthetic, though, this had no effect. Pidge did a circle in the air before landing on Whitney's arm and emitting what could only be read as a victory cheer. "Yes!! Yes!! Pidge, you did it!! I'm so proud of you!!" She grinned and held Pidge closer in her arms, and stroked her head as they approached Alice. "Hey, you did good." She smiled and offered Alice a yellow diamond-shaped gem; a revive.

She smiled once more. "It's probably good that we battled; Pidge needs to work out a lot to stay strong, wings or no." She shifted her glasses. "So, what do you guys do here for fun at this school?"

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