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Jari Hernandez

#8: Blackout


Now tumbling through what he called an irregular dream (a dream without a giant red lizard), Jari fell through the crevice, at first headfirst. Everything was black... he could only assume it was a huge crevice by the occasional rock fall. Trying to grasp the edges and failing, he tumbled closer and closer to the bottom.

If there was a bottom. He flipped over in the air. There didn't seem to be much of a top, either. There was absolutely no light; just a pit of... nothing. Total darkness. He rubbed an eye. He felt himself. No PokeBalls... which made sense because it wasn't like his Pokemon had blacked out either. They were probably sleeping happily in their physical world. He smiled a bit at that. They were fine... Unless Chan ended up being a total douchebag and took Ronin with him while he had the chance. Could he use his powers right now, in this irregular dream? He tried, but his powered failed him. Perfect timing, he thought sarcastically... but then again, it wasn't as if he was in any real trouble.


Chan Koshi

"Ah hah..."

Chan looked around. Eh, he might as well help out this guy, considering he helped him out. The Rufflet was a shame though. Although it was powerful... and he poached it off of him... no. Chan shook his head. Not the way to think at the moment. He had to get this guy conscious, although he was NOT administering CPR. Which wasn’t necessary. Good.

But then he remembered what Jari had done and quickly backed off. No, can be dangerous. But he’s hurt, and...

Chan sat in a corner, conflicted. He saw a trainer walk in... ah well. “Take him,” he said. “Do as you please... just... get him outta here.” He stood up and walked to grab his backpack and leave.

Jari Hernandez

Still falling at what was now an alarming speed, Jari finally began to see light at the end of the tunnel. Was he waking up? The light at the bottom of the crevice he was falling through came faster and faster, until finally he was enveloped in a pool of magma. He cringed. If his powers didn’t work, he would surely burn to death...

Finding relief that he was falling into the volcanic crater he always found himself him, he grinned feverishly, now going in with a pencil dive before smacking into the surface, where the lava rippled and then stood still. Ahhhh...

“Oh hey, you’re still alive. Surprise surprise, you used your powers.”
“Eh? Oh, it’s you.” Jari shook off the magma left on his clothing- luckily for him, magma didn’t burn through his clothing in dreams. He wasn’t too sure of real life, but he hoped not.
“Your clothing will be fine.” The lizard snorted loudly. “So, what do you expect? Me to teach you something? I have work enough, making sure....” He trailed off.
“Making sure what?”
“Don’t worry about it. Where are you going next?” The Pokemon opened up a huge map of tectonic plates on the wall.
“I dunno. Tectonic plates, figures.” Jari could name every single one.
Big Red ignored him completely. “Good. You’re going to the Caribbean. I want you to investigate something strange going on.”
“What the hell? Whaddya mean by strange?” Jari frowned. “More power-using stuff?” Suddenly remembering that he killed some people and that he had a conscience, he felt sick to his stomach. He tried to reassure himself that it was out of self-defense. Self-defense....
“You’ll see. When you’re conscious...” The lizard Pokemon looked around. “Which, for your sake, you better hope happens soon.”
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