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I could do without either of them to be honest, but as it stands, I prefer Cilan over Brock. Cilan just feels like a fresh of breath air ever since Brock left the group, especially after his poor arc in Sinnoh. Besides that, I've never really felt like Brock had a real purpose on the show. His dream was to become a top Pokémon Breeder, but the writers rarely ever gave him anything to do to achieve his goal or move forward. Whereas with Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris, they each have goals where as a viewer we can actually see them moving forward.

With Cilan, he's already an A-Class Pokémon Connoisseur, so we know that he's traveling with the group for the adventure and to experience new things as well as expand his skills as a connoisseur. Also, unlike with Brock, the writers actually put Cilan's skills into use when it comes to certain obstacles. It doesn't feel like he's just there for the sake of cooking and being a voice of reason for the group. Not to mention, when it comes to tournaments, they actually let Cilan get involved! Brock has only had the chance maybe a few times in the past, but hardly enough.

In terms of character, Brock's always seemed rather dull or flat compared to everyone else and his attraction to girls grew tired. Fast. Cilan, on the other hand, is more of a well rounded and versatile character in comparison to Brock. It allows him to be more engaged with what's happening on the show. Plus, I will admit, I do love his over-the-top personality.

tl;dr Cilan > Brock, but I could do without either of them.