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Zayne Alta

“We’re just hanging out, training and such.” the trainer with the dragons responded grumpily, clearly having no respect for Zayne's authority... unless... did he not realise he was a teacher? He probably should have thought of that, he was after all not that much older than many of the students at the school. Aura has narrowed his eyes at the snide attitude of the student, it was clear to Zayne how much he'd like to throttle the dragon trainer.

Placing an arm in front of his fighting-type to tell it to back of subtly he said to the group, especially to the yet to be name trainer with the attitude,
"You'd do well not to have such a bad attitude towards people, you never know who they could be nor what they have achieved. It will serve you well in life to be a little more polite because lost respect can be very difficult to earn back" the group was probably even more critical now, probably time for an introduction
"My name is Zayne Alta, I'm the teacher responsible for the practical battling course the academy offers. I just arrived here today and figured I should head over to the dorms since I'm an in-house teacher for the Entei dorm" that would clear things up nicely, and hopefully remind the hot-headed young trainer that had spoken to him to mind his manners. He didn't want to end up handing out punishments before he even took a class. Zayne looked over the various pokemon occupying the area, these guys hadn't been doing a bad job of raising there pokemon at all really
"it looks like you have been looking after your pokemon quite well, that sableye is especially well cared for from what I can see, although I admit I am far from being a breeder or health expert." he paused for a minute
"I don't suppose one of you would show me where the administration is, I should probably let them know I'm here so I can get my room key... besides they won't pay me if they don't think I turned up". Aura was still glaring at the trainer who had spoken so rudely to Zayne, but had decided not to assault him. The situation seemed fairly calm to Zayne
So far so good he thought to himself.

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