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Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

It was rough.." Trunks replied to Snype. "Just look at that giant right there. I didn't stand a chance." He grinned as he looked up at Chomp.

"We were actually thinking of going up to the mountains." C.J. said to Mark.
"Always open to bringing one more person." Issac added. A small bit of excitement grew as a possibility of another friend appeared.

"What are you three doing back here?" a new voice asked. It came from a guy who seemed to be a few years older than himself.
Issac stood by as C.J. and the guy had it out and the stranger turned out to be a teacher.

Mr. Alta, huh. Goodness.. C.J. should probably hold his tongue. The last thing we need is trouble ruining our mountain trip.

"I don't suppose one of you would show me where the administration is, I should probably let them know I'm here so I can get my room key... besides they won't pay me if they don't think I turned up" Mr. Alta said.
"I'm new here as well so I am not quite sure. I'm sure either C.J. or Mark could
kindly tell you, though." Issac responded politely, revealing all names but his own.
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