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Here's my human bio (almost complete, just exchanging pms with pie to see if i can make it better/ easier for Mae's angel ) if anything is up just let me know :D

Name: Maeve Grace Rosania

Nickname: Mae

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Occupation: Parcel deliverer during the week. During the weekend she works part time at one of her grandfather’s friend’s coffee shop, which is situated in a quiet part of town.

Hobbies: Hockey, Rock climbing, parkour with her mates from work (she’s no pro though, but gets dragging into races with her work mates from time to time.) she does a little reading having a passion for Greek mythology and can hack quiet well, though never in a malicious manner. Baking (in secret)

Disorders: lactose intolerance which offend leads to migraines.

Quirks: Mae, as much as she loves to disregard the posh traits of her family, truly hates having dirt under her fingernails. There is nothing worse than that feeling, bar maybe the sound of nails on a chalk board.

Likes: Mae has a bit of sweet tooth and though she puts on a tough girl appearance she is actually quite found on cooking and baking. She really likes movies as well and is often found on quite nights sprawled across her sofa watching a really bad B rate film.

Dislikes: Maggots and Spiders. Blood. The sight of blood makes her woozy and faint, often resulting with her spilling the contents of her stomach onto the floor.

Dreams: Mae dreams of travelling and getting a chance to go to Greece and actually see the places she read about so often in books.

Fears: Her greatest fear is to be trapped. Maeve has never been one to like tight spaces, even in crowds.


Mae’s hair is a dark chestnut colour with a natural kink in it’s long strands. It comes down to her mid back and is usually set into a rather messy, loose pleet which slithers down her pale back, tied off with a small bobble with a lucky, Chinese coin attached to it. She has a full fringe which always seems to be just that little bit too long coupled with longer bangs which frame either side of her face. The top of her head is usually covered in a bright purple coloured, knitted bobble hat which adds an element of cuteness to her look.

Whenever she’s working, or concentrating on something, she will pin back her bangs and fringe so that it won’t get in her way but apart from that she rarely touches the dark mass on her head,preferring to leave it to do it’s own thing.

Over all body build, Mae is medium in height coming to about 5’5 in total, with a slender frame to match. She’s a pair body shape, but she doesn’t mind this so much and under her skin she hides well tones, slender muscles which pack a powerful punch when she needs them too.

She has a long elegant neck, which on the nape, sports a small spiral tattoo which swirls down her neck in elegant shapes. Atop her neck, she sports a rather small though pleasant heart shaped face. Set into the middle are two deep bottle green eyes which lined on both edges with long dark eye lashes. Her nose is small and comes to a rounded end, it’s bridge dotted with the cinnamon slashes of freckles. Her complexion over all is pale, with a creamy undertone which has a healthy glow to it from many a day spent out in the sun. Her lips are rounded and plump, ever set into a constant lopsided smile which can make any man’s heart skip a beat, though she is un aware of this particular trait.

She tends to wear a cream coloured, cropped leather jacket over a simple dark t-shirt and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. She wears converse which are black, nothing fancy and always has a rather rugged looked rucksack which goes everywhere with her.
She wears a simple silver chain around her neck which holds a small charm in the shape of acorn and wears a lot of bracelets which encircle her wrists.

Mae has a pale, shiny scar which runs from her elbow up to her shoulder on her right hand side and prefers to keep this covered, if not with a long sleeved jacket or top, then with a tattoo sleeve.

Here's a picture of her, just she has longer hair and deep green eyes:

Mae is the type of girl whom will do anything to prove people wrong. She is daring, quick witted and armed with a sharp tongue to match. She acts tough, loud mouthed and hot headed but her bark in most circumstances is worse than her bite.

She both hates and loves her parents, loving them for who they are but hating their control over her life which leads to one thing. If they say stay, she leaves. If they say don’t, she does.
Rebellious natured at home however, she also has a soft side to her which is shown with her little brother Mark who is 14 years old. She’d do anything for him to keep him from making all the wrong choices she has in her life when she was his age. She likes to see herself has his guardian almost.

As for showing her feelings, she’s not really one to pay much attention to. She smiles and keeps an all-round a happy air with her friends, even if she feels like screaming underneath. When she does however, snap, she tends to run it off, or punch a wall or something and it’s probably best just to stay on her good side just in case, as she’s got a wicked right hook.

She is relavtivly well balanced though, as when she does have a rage flare she often tries to counter it with something nice, being a strong believer in karma. What goes around comes arpund, so whenever she does something she feels was unjust, she’ll try her hardest to make up for it, though it will never be an open display as she likes to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. She grew up in the spotlight which people watching her and she knows that is something she doesn’t want to go through again.


Mae could be considered lucky in her early years of life. Born into a family with much respect and looked up to within the higher circles of old money. She was the first of two children and raised in the family mansion set back, away from the city, in a private estate about an hour or so drive.

At the beginning, Mae was considered the model daughter. So sweet tempered and kind, that if you put butter into her mouth it wouldn’t melt. But as she began to grow older, she took to spending more time in the company of her grandfather, Anthony Rosania; a well-known and revered author of a best selling series, whom was a nice man with a wicked sense of humour and great traveller. They would talk about every subject they could think of and as time passed, Anthony's suspicion that his grand-daughter was not just another air headed rich girl were comfirmed. He took to spurring her on to do more with her life than just simper and look pretty. These messages and long talks opened Mae's eyes and with kind, strong words of encouragement from her grandfather, Mae began to believe she could do more and resentment of her treatment from her family and how they viewed her began to grow.

Her grandfather filled her head with stories of adventure, new people and strange happenings so often that soon, Mae became bored with her toys and the daily drove of pleasantries that she began to want more and when she approached her parents they instantly forbade it.

Racing, sports, computers and travelling were not the sort of things a young lady of her calibre should be doing in their eyes and when Mae fought for it, she was only met with more resistance.

This lead to her developing a flaring anger, which one day when her dad slammed down his drink at tea and screamed at her for getting involved in a sports competition within school( a fact which many of the higher families were sjirachiing at), Mae got up and left. Few words exchanged and none of which were pleasant.

It was here, that Mae earned her scar. Her father, midst rage threw this wine glass across the room, barely missing his daughter's head as she ducked and it collided with the wall behind her. Yet back then her balance was nothing like it was today and she stumbled, tripping over her own feet in a mixture of fear, back onto the ground and into the shattered pile of broken glass.

It was then that one large shard scrapped up her arm, as she scrambled back in shock, fleeing from her angered father whom advanced across the room in large strides.

Her father on seeing the blood begin to leak from her arm, froze. Obviously stunned at first, but as the reality of his actions kicked in, he broke down into tears apologising to his stern faced daughter but at that time, apologises were worthless to the girl.

She left the mason to live with her grandfather in an old, though rather large house in the city that night, after visiting the hospital for her arm of course. She was but 16 at the time.

From that day on she never really saw her parents nor heard from them bare the occasional phone call and Christmas card. She still saw her little brother in school though and took to catching up with him there.

As the years went on and Mae grew more mature, her granddad, an outcast like her in their family offered to fund her through higher education but the girl refused and decided to work for it instead. Her grandfather agreed, but since then has fallen ill and Mae has taken to running the house and caring for her granddad too, while trying to save up money for her own future.

Her life now is tough, she carries two jobs to pay for the bills she builds up as she feels to cruel to make her granddad pay for them, even though he has plenty of money from writing story books.

She’s been mugged twice, her bike has been stolen one more than one occasion and she’s had her heart broken by a guy called Mike more times than she can count.

Mike is a rather dark chapter in her life, his past dark behind him and what seems to be a grey future ahead too. He’s the reason she’s been mugged twice, both outside her weekend coffee shop job. He feigns love for Mae as she's somewhat pretty and comes from a background filled with money and that to him is his way out of his life. He wants her only for her family and when he proposed to her, and Mae refused, he flipped. He's now taken to watching her, wherever see goes, ever wanting to get at her family's wealth.

From Mae's point of view, she knows that he only comes to her for riches not love, but every time he appears, his dark alure takes hold. Though she may have a decent head attached to her shoulders, she has a weak will power and to bad boy types she just cripples, no matter how hazardous it is to her health. The motorbikes, leather and muscles always get her.

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