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Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
Dude, you should join us. It's not all about massive SU's, we're open to people with varying degrees of writing abilities.
It's not necessarily my writing ability that I'm worried about. I'm actually rather confident in that aspect, lol.

But I do rather wish to join, lol. I've been thinking it over . . . well, not really, but I have thought about it. I'd have to give my SU for Atlantis Arising an overhaul, but . . . uh . . . yeah, lol.
I'm sure I can be more active than the first time when I only made . . . one post . . . and stuff. xD

Okaaaaaaaay. Reserve me, and I'll work on my sign-up today. I don't have many episodes left of Being Human Season 2, so I'll need something to do. >.>;
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