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I've pretty much discounted all but three possibilities: normal, dragon or some sort of multiple or changing type. I don't think it'll be any of the other standard types, simply because it's being treated as something particularly special, and there's nothing particularly special about a Flying (or Bug or whatever) Eeveelution. I would expect a Flying Eeveelution to be introduced as a part of a set, with a Fighting or a Rock or a Ground or something of that sort, depending on how GF wanted to imply a connection. I just can't see them building up all this mystery over a Flying Eeveelution by itself, since that's just inviting disappointment. ("....and..... it's a FLYING type! And it can learn..... AERIAL ACE!!! ooh yay.") And I don't think it'll be a new type because I don't think there are going to be any new types.

A Normal Eeveelution would at least be unique, so there's that. And pink and cute is not uncommon for Normal type pokemon, so there's that too. And that's about it. I think it's the least likely of the three possibilities, but can't be eliminated.

Dragon is deliberately the most "uber" of the types, and has always been treated specially by GF - there's a sort of cachet attached to being a Dragon type. And they're introducing some sort of "bonding" mechanism in this gen, which one can presume will somehow tie in a happiness score (or something similar) and battle prowess. What better way to showcase that mechanic than an Eeveelution (one of the most popular forms of pokemon) that's Dragon type (probably the most popular type) and that is deliberately designed to appeal to people who love cute pokemon and want to care for them and cherish them and make them happy? It'll automatically reward the people who already want to take care of it, and the people who just want something instantly uber are going to be out of luck - they'll have to either invest the time into raising something that's all pink and cute, or do without. It's sort of a kick in the teeth to a part of the fanbase, which I think is a bit unlikely, but it is in keeping with a lot of the underlying message of the games, which have always treated caring for pokemon as a virtue and simply using them as a vice.

I think the most likely possibility though is that it's an indeterminate type - possibly Normal by default, but able to change type through some means, and that's specifically why its typing is not apparent. That's a thing GF has been toying with for at least three gens now, and what better base for a truly indeterminate, ever-changing type than the pokemon noted for genetic instability?

But, in the end, of course, I don't know. Nor do I pretend to. Those are just my best guesses.
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