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Quote originally posted by Samurott01:
Hey guys! Still working on an update, but I have a bit of a predicament. I am playing on my Electric challenge, and my Chinchou that I hacked in just got to Lv. 27, so it started to evolve into Lanturn. But, mid-evolution, it stopped evolving and my dialogue said "...?". I swear I did not press B, so I am thinking it is beacuse it is hacked. Could someone please explain why this is happening?
Kagami is correct about this. I did find a work around though. Some rom hacks have the evolution block completely removed. Notably, Pokemon Murky Red is one I found that works. All you have to do is load your save file while playing such a hack, level up to evolve, and then save again, reload with your regular rom, and you should be good. It's what I did to evolve my Shuppet.

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