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Yorick Amherst Lee

Yorick followed Allister along with Cheryll, who had decided to join them, after placing his stack of books on the librarian's desk. As he walked, he began to think of all the questions he could ask them, everything he could learn. Where they were from, what type of Youkai they were, what their favorite food was, maybe their favorite smells... But he decided not to ask anything until they had resolved the mystery at hand, or else they would become distracted. They continued toward the teacher's lounge in silence, and soon reached their destination.

The teacher's lounge was a mess. There were scorch marks in the middle of the room for some reason and all the teachers appeared to have been knocked back. Most of them had been wounded, but it seemed to have been from the force of being thrown and not from any attacker. Yorick wanted to know what happened, so he spoke, "I am Yorick Amherst Lee, and I want to know what happened." Before anyone could answer, a woman came rushing past them into the room. From her uniform he could tell she was the nurse of the school. She appeared healthy, so maybe she could answer him. "Wo-" he had been about to say 'woman' but recalled how Allister had become upset at being called boy (despite the fact that he is one), so he instead said, "Nurse, I am Yorick Amherst Lee, and I want to know what happened. Are these teachers okay? How were you informed of this? Are these all the teachers, and if so where is Higoroshi sensei?" He would have continued had he not been interrupted by the P.A. (which he now knew all about).

"Will class 3C gather in classroom 13? Thank you," Sensei's voice said over the system. At least that answered his last question. Maybe sensei could answer the others. Yorick turned from the nurse, who's eyes had widened from the flurry of questions but now seemed to relax from being given a break from Yorick, and turned to his companions.

"We should go," he said simply. Their teacher had told them to be somewhere, so that was where they needed to be. Yorick began walking to class, hoping they would get some information about this. After a few minutes he had arrived, along with several other classmates. He wanted to eventually know everything about all of them, but for now he would have to settle with what he already knew. They had been called here for a reason, and he could not ignore that in his curiosity. He sat down in an empty seat in the front and waited for Sensei to speak, sincerely hoping for some answers.
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