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Quote originally posted by Samurott01:
Hey guys! Still working on an update, but I have a bit of a predicament. I am playing on my Electric challenge, and my Chinchou that I hacked in just got to Lv. 27, so it started to evolve into Lanturn. But, mid-evolution, it stopped evolving and my dialogue said "...?". I swear I did not press B, so I am thinking it is beacuse it is hacked. Could someone please explain why this is happening?
The same thing happened in my challenge with Seedot. As others mentioned, it's because you don't have the National Dex. So what I did was use a cheat to get the National Dex. But it's recommended you do this only after getting the Tea from the old woman in Celadon, or you can't get into Saffron without a cheat or something. You could also try what NecrumWarrior suggested too, since finding the National Dex cheat was kinda annoying, at least for me.
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