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Tokyo Gym

“Take him,” the Trainer said. “Do as you please... just... get him outta here.”

Stryker raised an eyebrow at the boy's words. His target was unconscious, and the Gym Leader wasn't nearby. The human must have been freaked out by the incident if he wanted the kid gone. At a nod from Stryker, Chan [the Hitmonchan] walked over and picked up the unconscious Jari. Stryker's gaze was still on the other human, who was getting ready to leave. "You really don't care, do you?" he asked suddenly. He thought they were the only ones in the room, so why couldn't he talk a bit? Stryker ignored the Hitmonchan's glare as he continued. "You're just like almost every other human, that I've met. Selfish, or self-centered, or both."

<What are you doing?> H'Chan hissed, reverting to what humans might call Poke-speech. The language that Pokemon spoke after being captured and sounded something like animal sounds to humans. They needed to keep their disguise of Trainer and Pokemon, yet it looked as if Stryker might blow it anyways.

"Even after what you saw just minutes ago? Or especially 'cause of that?" By this time, Stryker had begun advancing on Chan the human. His tone had become slightly angry, maybe a bit self-righteous. "Not that I care for humans, myself. Let's consider somethin' else, though. Poaching. You mentioned that he'd poached the Rufflet off you. As if he was little more than property. Little more than a tool."

<Leave it, Stryker! We're after this kid here, not him!>

"Relax, will ya?" Stryker called over his shoulder. One hand was beginning to glow black-purple as he turned back to the Trainer. "I'll just leave him with a reminder." The 'Tokyo teenager' brought his hand up, grinning. "Pokemon aren't just tools to be used or cast aside." Stryker threw his Dark Pulse at Chan the human, then turned to quickly walk toward the front doors. H'Chan was ahead of him, Jari slung over one shoulder like baggage. I wonder if that human back there will have nightmares now, Stryker thought to himself. If he lives.

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