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Just arrived in Undella Town in White 2.
In order of most used to least used:

Crobat lv. 42 (I feel like people forget how awesome this pokemon really is)
Samurott lv.42 (I just like water starters, okay?)
Ampharos lv. 42 (Same as crobat. I guess it just doesn't look cool enough?)
Zoroark lv. 42 (Are zorua/zoroark considered legendaries? I've always wondered...)
Darmanitan lv. 39 (Just filler since I have no fire types, and advice on replacements? I really don't like its stats)
Gigalith lv. 35 (Never use this guy. Should I?)

I'd really, really appreciate it if someone gave me advice on how to improve this besides leveling up. Moves to learn, replacement pokemon, etc. Please? Also, what's the ideal leveling at this part of the game?