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Final Update! - Wow did not mean to put this off until the last day. Because I dd I went to face Red ver underleveled but in the end i manages to defeat him! (ok after a few tries but shhh...)

- defeated Pikachu with Arthur.
- defeated Espeon with Bessie.
- Snorlax was eventually defeated by Sunny.
- Venusaur was defeated by Ty Lee
- Blastiose was taken down by Florida (with huge help from Sunny)
- and finally Charizard was taken down by Sunny!
- Sunny was my mpv in this fight. Thank you toxic and attract!

Ty Lee | Magmar ( ♀ ) lv. 49 @ Charcoal
Flamethrower, Dizzy Punch, Thunderpunch, Sunny Day
The Gift

Thom | Sneasel ( ♂ ) lv. 48 @ Nevermeltice
Ice Punch, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes
The Valentine

Sunny | Corsola ( ♀ ) lv. 50 @ Mystic Water
Toxic, Attract, Surf, Recover
The Attraction

Arthur | Nidoking ( ♂ ) lv. 50 @ Soft Sand
Earthquake, Strength, Ice Punch, Double Kick
The Duo

Bessie | Miltank ( ♀ ) lv. 50 @ Amulet Coin
Milk Drink, Shadow Ball, Rollout, Stomp
The Pink

Florida | Sunflora ( ♀ ) lv. 49 @ Miracle Seed
Synthesis, Petal Dance, Solarbeam, Sunny Day
The Flower

Love Slaves:
Oddish - Cut, Flash
Poliwag - Whirlpool, Waterfall
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