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You guys are supposed to use spoilers for this stuff, since the official English translation isn't out yet... :/

Quote originally posted by Pokestick, good times.:
"Your mother was-"
Oh. It's just that? Aw. That's not really a surprise. Aaannnd it makes us wonder how she couldn't defend herself against Grand Fisher. Well, GF was a pretty strong hollow. But maybe she was just a crappy quincy. (or held back because of Ichigo or some random BS)
I think "some random BS" will probably be the key phrase here.
Unless Kubo pulls a Oda, and actually comes out with a really well thoughtout plot twist.

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
DESTINY confirmed.
That might be actually be an intentional similarity, but I don't know if I should give Kubo that much credit.

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
I just don't think healing powers suit the "Monk of destruction", I mean instead of healing they used that "Ransotengai" puppet no jutsu thing. Also Ishida is supposed to be smart, you think he'd learn some if it was there to be learnt. Most of the healing magic in Bleach is Kido, Quincy can'y do that.
Probably just something that Kubo overlooked. The Quinzi's introduced some abilities that Uryu didn't know. His family's arm of the clan has probably been cut-off for a long time.

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
I forgot to mention she actually had 4 children, the first ones were twins. No need to guess who I'm talking about here. Remember this part? That wasn't just a power boost that was the perfect harmony of the two spiritual powers of siblings.

That's probably just more a result of Kubo's lazy drawing style.
It seems like half of his male characters share the same face shape.

Quote originally posted by Pokestick, good times.:
Sorry, I can't really think atm, I'm completely absorbed into Molester Man.
Miss Loli ;_;
Lol, whut?

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
I think Ganju looking exactly like Isshin and Kukaku and Kaien looking like Ichigo pretty much puts Ichigo in that clan. I seem to remember Byakuya saying that people in the noble families have higher spiritual pressure than the average person, Isshin flicked Aizen through a bunch of buildings and Kaien was Lieutenant at a pretty young age. Everything seems to fit.
It's already been implied that Isshin and Ichigo might be related to the Shiba clan...