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Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

Was hoping we could get going without him knowing where we were heading. Don't need more questions to take our time.

"We actually need to get going before it's too late." Issac started as he took a step to the side getting ready to slip away. "You are quite welcome to join us Mark and it was nice meeting you all." Issac noticed yet another new face approaching.

Great.. another teacher.

The new stranger went straight to Mr. Alta. Introducing himself to him and not really acknowledging anyone else.

Nice chance to slip away.. while he is occupied with this other teacher. Maybe Mark will follow.

Issac slipped further away from the group first nodding at C.J. then waving at Trunks to follow him.
"I guess we are going now." Trunks said to the group of pokemon. "Was nice to meet you all! Hope to battle some more soon!" The small Turtwig turned from the group, oblivious that the group of dragons would be accompanying him, and made his way towards Issac.
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