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Originally Posted by James901 View Post
NecrumWarrior is correct. Also of course you can continue, and I have no problem adding you to the OP, but I'd like to know what games you already completed. If possible give me a link to your completion post for the games you already finished, though this isn't manditory.


Made some more progress with my Jynx.

After beating Flannery I went straight to battle Norman.

Then I got surf, caught a Marill to use it, then headed to Forretree.
Beat May and some Aqua Grunts on the way.
Got the Devon Scope from Steven then headed to the gym.

Did all the Magma/Aqua stuff and headed over to Mossdeep.
Sadly you can't face the gym unless you have 2 Pokemon cause its a double battle...
Saved in front of the gym leaders. I'll challenge them over the weekend or something.

Level 51
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Oblivious
Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Facade
Of course that's perfectly reasonable, there's my soul silver post and my Fire Red It also has a link to the Ultimate Solo Challenge thread I originally started on
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