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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
What the hell? Why did a guy stripping require 8 police cars? And why did it require any ambulances at all? Did the sight of his naked body start a riot in the dining room where people were injured climbing over each other to get to his fantastic physical form? :P
I'm guessing the ambulances were because they thought he had a serious mental disorder or something? Maybe they thought he was schizophrenic, but 8 police cars does seem overkill xD

Anyway, my first day back last weekend went pretty good, the mall has calmed down so much since I left during December, but it's hurting our sales drastically. Also, there's six people working there now including myself, one girl gave her two week notice but is pretty much not even coming anymore and another one is looking for another job since it's a 45 minute drive for her.

My manager hasn't even been there a month and I can tell he hasn't done retail before, he's done restaurant management but it's a little different. He seems pretty desperate to get more people in, and I'm just hoping he doesn't start hiring nutcases. He legitimately didn't see a reason as to why we couldn't hire a 16 year old, until my coworker pointed out the fact it's illegal to have a 16 year old working alone or something along those lines, and he shut up. :p