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Here's my SU sheet, not done yet.

Name: Aduro Viviani
Gender: Male
Alignment: Citadel
Nationality: Kanto/Kinroth

If not from Carendor/Kinroth, why did you immigrate?: It was Aduro's grandparents that immigrated to Kinroth. They brought their knowledge of Pokemon breeding and what was left of the Kanto Pokemon they owned after a violent rainstorm and a wildfire struck their ranch. About that same time, Aduro's grandfather was approached with an offer to find work in Kinroth, which he accepted. The way Aduro has heard it told, there were no other opportunities in Kanto.

History: Aduro Viviani was born on the Viviani ranch, just outside of Plume City. His grandparents, on his father's side, had settled in and, as hired, helped with the local Pokemon breeding and farming. As Aduro's grandfather and father worked, they soon established their own ranch and Pokemon breeding programs, with the current war in mind. Aduro's father married a Kinroth native, a woman with similar interests who moved onto the ranch. They were happy that their first child, Aduro, was a boy.

Of course, Aduro wasn't exempt from daily chores and ranch activities once he was about seven years old. Even with all the people who were available to work on his family's ranch, an extra pair of hands wouldn't be left to waste. Besides, Aduro had to learn things somehow, and it was best to have him learn by doing. One of the things Aduro's father taught him was that you shouldn't expect anyone under you to do something you wouldn't do yourself. As Aduro would discover, this rule applied to more than managing a ranch.

Despite the ongoing war, Aduro and some of the ranch hands he worked with often maintained a largely positive outlook and took what they could in ways of enjoyment. One ranch hand in particular, an old man named Julian who had come to Kinroth with Aduro's grandparents, always took the time to be a friend to the young boy. All in all, if someone was to ask Aduro now what a few of his childhood highlights were, he would say that the times when he found it hardest to be positive was during military training. Aduro's father had taken it upon himself to make sure his ranch hands and their Pokemon could effectively defend themselves if the ranch was ever attacked.


Partner Pokémon: Garrett the Arcanine

Current hometown: Plume City

Is it open for us to decide whether the other regions have an interest in the war between the Citadel and the Legion?
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