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"Will class 3C gather in classroom 13? Thank you."

Kakusu's posture slumped as he grit and bore the uselessness of his walk. He didn't want to cause any more trouble and he decided not to waste any time making his way to the classroom although the whole way there, he dragged his feet and sulked seeing as he had found no peace in the day aside from communicating with his roommate. A cloud of smoke emitted from his fingertips
and the smell of smoke wafted throughout the hall although Kakusu withdrew the smoke before it managed to set off any alarms.

He step foot into Classrom 13 which was fairly crowded and noticed Higoroshi's injuries. They looked quite a sight on the man who previously appeared to hold a power over them. Was this related to why class was over quickly and if something was dangerous enough to injure a full grown Youkai then why weren't they taking any precautions for the younger students. Kakusu stood in the doorway and glared at Higoroshi for a moment before taking a seat window-side.

Something was up. Something had happened earlier with that loud bang in one of the rooms and it made Kakusu disturbed. The atmosphere felt tense every time he glanced at his teacher. Hopefully he was going to offer an explanation because if not, Kakusu wouldn't co-operate until this secret was revealed.

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