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Originally Posted by Jtspyder View Post
Hey poco, I am not talking about Pokemon Essentials Online, I'm talking about Markz88 PokeMMO starter kit. If you are really insane and to think that Markz88 has been working on his starter kit for a few years you need a serious checkup. You honestly should "think twice" before posting seeing you didn't even know who and/or what I was talking about in any way what so ever.
I'm sorry, you mentioned Online Pokemon Essentials, so I assumed you were talking about PE: Online, not PokeMMO kit. I'm also aware of Markz88's kit, hosted on that Italian Pokemakers forum. Been there too. But as it was previously discussed, we are not interested in any MMO functionality, and are still debating on whether to have the type of connectivity those kind of kits offer. I apologize for my previous attack, I got the wrong impression.

Anyway, Maruno, I just remembered. Old Essentials came with a and a whole lot of instructions on setting it up for using online trading. What happened to that?
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