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Quote originally posted by LilJz1234:
Hey Jojo, I'm LilJz

Seems like you were quite the Pokefan when you were younger, do you have any more recent games?
Ya, I have Emerald, but otherwise they're all old. :D I don't have a DS though, so none of the more recent ones. (i.e. Pokémon HG/SS)

Quote originally posted by Cirno:
J names are the best (totally not biased). Welcome to PC Joseph~

...And when you say Pokemon Mini do you mean like.. the Pokemon tomogatchi-like things?...
Yes, I think so. It's one of those tiny little pocket sized things and had tiny cartridges you could get separate. I liked them as well! I remember playing it all the time on the car ride to my aunt's / grandma's! :D
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