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Thought I'd give a quick update on my progress.

Did the usual beginning stuff and received Tron. Went to route 103 and battled my rival. Obtained the Running Shoes and headed off. In Petalburg I helped Wally get his Ralts. Headed east some more.

Once in Rustboro I learn that the first gym up is Rock type. Smashing. Emerald has also seen it fit to give me a Bold Raichu. Double Smashing!

I decide to bypass this for now and head west to level up Tron some. At level 14 I tried the gym, it's a no go as her level 12 Geodude keeps using Harden and I can't seem to Tail Whip it enough to do a decent amount of damage. So I decide to go level up some more.

While out leveling I catch Jasper the Nincada and teach him Cut. At a level 18 I decide to do the gym again. Still getting my butt kicked by the first level 12 Geodude. So, at this point I'm stuck leveling up Tron until he can beat this gym.

I hate Geodude and Rock types so much now.

Tron the Bold Raichu: I guess I got the challenge I wanted.
Lv: 18
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